Ses'Fikile Wines

Nondomiso Pikashe has a degree in the field of education and psychology. After her studies, she worked as a teacher and after 11 years, she decided to re-invent herself and together with 3 other women they had founded a wine company, which enjoyed some success. So came the name of the wine brand Ses’fikile, which means “We have arrived” in Zulu. These three words are built on a foundation of personal and communal struggle, yet they also look forward positively, with the hope of a better tomorrow. Most importantly the words sparkle with a sense of adventure. Pikashe is unfortunately the only one of the four to stay and kept the name.

Along the way, Pikashe set about finding a wine farm to partner with to produce the particular wines she wanted for her Ses’fikile brand. Pikashe herself sayd that “It was a tumultuous journey of exploitation. I met up with people who didn’t want me to be there. They needed a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) partner so they could exploit the BEE funding and all that came with it.” It was a hectic time, she says until she found Leeuwenkuil Family Vineyards (Lion’s Lair) with whom she partnered with in 2006.

Teaching may also still play part of Pikashe future, But this time round with a practical focus involving wine: “We have in many instances 200 kids being enrolled for a school year and by the end of the school journey, there are only 100 left. I would like to get into the space of those who fall by the wayside. Teach them to be entrepreneurs and wine ambassadors.” Her vision is to educate more Black People about wine.

Ses’fikile wines are rare, fine blends. The quality of the grape is their priority. Ses’fikile are in touch with trends in the market, creating palatable, fruit driven wines. Ses’fikile has a fascinating story of celebration, discovery and triumph and that accompanies their wines.


A passion that is bold yet feminine!

The wines of Ses’fikile aim to sparkle with the mysterious allure of adventure and trumpet the African Renaissance. Above all Ses’fikile aim to make the best wine in South Africa.